Thursday, 30 July 2009

Tyranids in Planetstrike part 2.

That is my idea of what would make a good Tyranid Bastion.
Yes, it looks kinda like a flower, that was intentional.

Basically, there's a 'bed' underneath the ground, and that grows the carapace upwards, and grows the flesh with the carapace to make the hollow of the Hive.
The shells make up the walls of the Hive, and protect the flesh and occupants.
Just above the first row of shells, there is another, smaller bed of tissue, this is used as the firing posts, which you could put Warriors or hordes of Gaunts on.
At the very peak, is a rather disproportionate Carnifex torso; this would act as an Interceptor gun.
The small circular sphincter things are just that, sphincter muscles, used as door for access to the building.

After speaking at length with the guy at my FLGS, I discovered that you aren't limited to Autocannon and Lascannon for the Interceptor guns, and decided that a Venom Cannon would make an ample weapon to go on top, with the automated BS of 2 though, making it twin-linked is basically a must, considering its low effectiveness against vehicles (as opposed to the Lascannon).

That Carnifex torso would have tentacles sculpted to his waist, incorporating him into the Hive, and various other small modifications; such as his lower set of limbs being replaced with 'restraining' tentacles, hooking him firmer into the Hive, and allowing a degree of strength in his position, having the thing blown clean off would certainly suck.
As another option for the top turret, to represent Weapon Destroyed results, you could put in place a small 'hatch', like an eyelid, to show that the Carnifex torso has retracted back into the Hive, in order to escape fire and heal itself.

I will do some more later on :)
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