Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Stoopid Intarwebz! aka Despite being incommunicado for a day, I'm not actually dead.

So, this post is kinda just filler to prove I'm not dead. Well, that and to draw the attention to Gwar! of DakkaDakka's Forums, who has produced a very comprehensive FAQ for the Space Wolf Codex. Now, this isn't to say that mine won't still be forthcoming - I've invested far too much into the project to drop it like a stone just because someone else did one I'm largely happier with than I no doubt will be with the GW one when released.

Also, there's nothing to say I don't disagree with one or two of his answers, but, since I'm partially accredited with the project, having contributed to his FAQ, you can rest assured that the majority of it is in line with my interpretations.

Without further ado, the FAQ:
http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/downloadAttach/27702.page - Download link.

Full disclaimer, and thread discussing some people's issues with it, can be found HERE. Note, Afrikan Blonde is a worthless sack of shit, and a dumbass troll. ;)

You are more than welcome to present your views of the article here, and I will pass them on to the principal author, unless they're stoopid. :p

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