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Chtiofonce's list...

Okay guys, you know the format.  This time, it's Chtiofonce and his army list for a Polish Championship, in the run up to the ETC 2010.  His words in GREEN, mine in BLUE.  Happy Kirbs? :p

Librarian (lance + prefered enemy) jump pack 125
No biggie, choice of second power is largely preference, IMO.  It's highly situational, too - rolling with the DC, for example, this bad boy - in a Mech list, Shield is clearly better, unless your group interpret it not to work on vehicles (which is, IMO, totally wrong)
6 Terminators 2 claws 4 shields 260
LR Redeemer MMelta Extra-armor 265

Makes sense, as long as you have the redundancy to make it stick.  Note, we aren't just talking about Unit Redundancy here, as Role Redundancy must also be taken into account.  For example, DC can serve the same role as these beefsticks.
sanginary priest 50
sanginary priest jump pack 75
Ah, these guys are so damn  Must say, I prefer to slap Infernus Pistols on...but that may be a points sink Red Herring, depending on the rest of the list, and simple practice with them.

10 assault SM  2 melta fist 235
5 assault SM melta fist 135
razorback twinlinked Hflamer 20
5 assault SM melta infernus 125
razorback twinlinked Hflamer 20
5 assault SM melta infernus 125
razorback twinlinked Hflamer 20
5 assault SM melta infernus 125
razorback twinlinked Hflamer 20
I'll be brutal here - I think this is a complete waste.  The Wolves are so much better at this list it's just silly.  Sure, they don't get FC and FnP - well, you can lose them, whereas they always get those tasty tasty Counter Assault benefits (ish)  While Wolves don't get Fast Preds, they don't have the Red herring of going for the HFlamers.  I LIKE them in that they're a nice option to have - but the Las/Plas Back is simply the best, no question.  A Wolf list could easily squeeze some of these in, and, while not having the FnP Termies, it could have TWolves instead...or Nilla SM could do this list without the Meltaguns (using Combi-Meltas) and with Null Zone/Vulkan Termies instead.  Pretty much a wash between SM and SW on the list, but BA just don't fit in as much stuff with extra cost - and the FlamerBacks contribute nothing to the list's ranged capacity, without having the AV14 of a Redeemer as a *ahem* redeeming quality.

The lonely JP unit is also horribly out of place, as they are the only real threat for the first 3 turns (no Fire Points on Razors, after all) or maybe 2, depending on the army you face's mobility.

3 Assault bikes Mmelta  150
  Ugh.  I posted about these before, in the (F)Law of Averages post.  Admittedly, I failed to take FnP into consideration adequately.  Nonetheless, I struggle to see beyond the Speeder and Baal, and Vanguard, for this slot.  Still, they are quite cheap.  Perhaps less horrible than my instincts cry - but less than optimal, IMO.
total = 1750
KP = 15
models = 43
wounds = 47
vehicles = 5
I want a good try at the new BA dex...lots of melta and template glory in there, fast vehicles, jump pack units coz its BA and the new furious FNP termies of course. I dont know yet how my army will be used in the team's pairing strategy, I'm going in pretty blind and I suspect my teammates too :) But I'm confident I can take on a lot of builds and hurt them bad :D

I have no doubt, especially since you seem an eminently competent player - but I think you could do a lot better to go with a Full-JP theme, if models permit.  Such as:

Librarian; w/ Lance, Preferred, Jump Pack - 125

Honour Guard; w/ 4 Meltaguns, 1 Fist, Jump Packs - 230 (Cheaper than Termies, but a lot more punch in the Shooting Phase, and decent in CC.  They also bring they're own FnP...) [355]

Sang Priest; w/ Jump Pack - 75
Sang Priest; w/ Jump Pack - 75 [505]

10 Assault Marines; w/ 2 Melta, Fist - 235
10 Assault Marines; w/ 2 Melta, Fist - 235
10 Assault Marines; w/ 2 Melta, Fist - 235
10 Assault Marines; w/ 2 Melta, Fist - 235 [1445]

This leaves just enough for some Vanguard:

5 VVets; w/ Jump Packs, Glaive Encarmine, Fist, 2 Power Weapons, 2 Hand Flamer, 2 Melta Bombs - 250 [1695]

With the remaining 55 points we grab 3 Infernus Pistols - each of the Characters getting one.  :)

There, doesn't that feel more cohesive?
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