Saturday, 15 May 2010

Pics from Monday's game.

On Monday I had a game, vs Jonny65 from the Northern Wasters, as mentioned before.  I promised pics, but didn't bother to edit them in....and here they are.  Most are self-explanatory, lol.

100_1104.jpg image by TheKingElessar100_1106.jpg image by TheKingElessar100_1107.jpg image by TheKingElessar - Deployment, right to left.  Farseer in Falcon (rear middle pic).  Front middle and bottom right left pic are Prisms, Dragons are in forward right pic, and the two left-hand Serps on the left picture.

100_1108.jpg image by TheKingElessar100_1109.jpg image by TheKingElessar - Jonny actually changed his mind after this pic and removed the 2-strong Oblit squad, putting them in Reserve.  They later SDS'd, along with his Greater Daemon, and 2 Lash Princes.  The Vindicator is Possessed, the Rhino has a 5-strong Plas Squad.  No pic, but the far flank (his left) had 2 Melta PM Rhinos.

100_1110.jpg image by TheKingElessar100_1111.jpg image by TheKingElessar100_1113.jpg image by TheKingElessar - I moved out, with some success.  Killing a Rhino slowed his advance greatly.  Or, at least, it should have.  lol  No pic, but the three Oblits were, unsurprisingly, butchered.

100_1114.jpg image by TheKingElessar - Turn 2, I went for the knockout blow.  Resulted in...

100_1115.jpg image by TheKingElessar - The dice are my Ld test, and the wound marker.  I killed a total of 1 Plague Marine, and the Rhino survived too.  He got out, summoned the GD, and things assumed the shape of the pear.

Within a few turn, that flank, from the other side, looked like this:
100_1119.jpg image by TheKingElessar - Blast is a crater.  Rhino is one of his...I think the Lance Serpent popped it, or maybe the two turret-less Serpents out of shot behind his lines.  They kept shooting the GD, but didn't have enough shots without the Scatters.  It may have ended up on 2 Wounds.  The Lash Princes, had been killed straight after the drop, but the other reached my lines, among other things, doing this to a Prism...

100_1116.jpg image by TheKingElessar - Before ending the game on 1W, despite the Autarch and Dragons attempt to make a final contribution just after this pic -
100_1117.jpg image by TheKingElessar

Shot of the backline Serpents -
100_1118.jpg image by TheKingElessar - Dreadnought is terrain.  We had so little, lol.

Final pic.  I missed the last turn or two entirely -
100_1120.jpg image by TheKingElessar - Just before I jumped my Falcon, futilely, onto the 'building' there, to get down and clear the objective next turn.  It got smoked by the Oblits that FINALLY came down from Reserve, and were Icon'd into place.  Forgetting to get the Dragons out of the Serpent I turned to face away from his 5-man PMs on the objective (no cover, he got out in order to try and block with the Rhino.) was truly the last chance at rescuing some dignity, gone.  In fairness, I rolled the dice anyway...and failed to kill with the one hit I rolled.  Yes, I failed to hit 4 times (of 5) on 3+, and rolled a 1 to wound.  Sigh.

I also performed that exact trick yesterday in another game, my second of the day against Ray.  In contrast, on Tuesday, a Staffer named Trev I was playing made 7/8 5+ Invul Saves to prevent me killing his Terminators, despite using a Prism, 12 Dragons, and a plethora of Serpent weapons.

Not so much a good week for my dice...I think I'm going to sack them all, and hire new ones.  lol

Oh, and my personal post-game analysis - I deployed badly.  I shouldn't have done it as usual - as though I had Eldrad, and his Divination.  As much as I (still) refute the nonsense that SCs are anything of a crutch, this battle isn't evidence to the contrary.  The main reason, I reckon, is because I wrote the list after arriving at the club, rather than preparing properly.  For some unknown reason, I had been working on a 2k list without Eldrad, instead of 1750, and didn't think it through.  I was also using my Eldrad model, cos I love the paintjob I've done on it.  Better to be sloppy in fun games, at least!
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