Sunday, 4 July 2010

Army (Intermission) Poll!

Just a short announcement - I have a fair bit of time to ready my army for WarpCon in January, so I want some feedback on exactly which army I should use.  As I usually build a new army for every Tournament I attend, I'm tempted to go with that tradition - but this one will cost me a bit more than the usual, so I'm tempted to actually practice with the army, figuring that gives me a better chance of not feeling screwed as soon as Turn One begins and I realise my Deployment is horrid.
So, I'm going to be putting up a poll to see which army you guys think I should use, but first, I want you to add any further suggestions, as I'm interested in what you guys think I should run.  You can suggest a theme, a list, or just a Codex - whatever floats the proverbial.  The thread will remain open for suggestions for a week, then I will crop it into a poll in the sidebar.  Thanks in advance for contributing!

Armies I can run right now:
FootDar (LOL!)
CSM (Plague Marines, duh!)
Mech Orks
Green Tide

Armies I can run with a little work:
Orks as Space Wolves
Space Marines (Scythes of the Emperor)
Orks as Tyranids

Armies I can run with significant work:
Orks as Jumper BA
Mech Blood Angels
Vet Imperial Guard (no Platoons!)
Raven Guard (fluffy list)

Armies I won't run, under any circumstances:
Daemonhunters (except MAYBE if they get a new Codex, and I can convert easily/get free stuff)
Dark Eldar (not buying into DE at this stage.)
WH (See DE)
Orks as SM (why bother?)
Orks as Eldar (haven't finished one FalcOrk yet, nevermind them all)
Orks as Guard (too expensive to Mech up)
Tau (unless Rick will lend me an army...unlikely)
Nids themselves (again, cost is an issue for them)

So, any ideas/early votes?
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