Friday, 3 September 2010

Spirit vs Flesh, Round One Million...

The flesh is weak, but the spirit is, that right? Who knows? Answers on a postcard to:

Like I really give a shit
PO BOX 69 (immature, but so what?)
Your Mum
United Kingdom

No, really, this is a quick note to admit my weakness.  Apart from having a couple genuine killers of articles sitting in my phone waiting for the second half to be written, I have let everyone down (awww) in another fashion (after a fashion.)

I bought some Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

I know, I know - the game IS marketed at kids, but, uh, so is Warhams, to an extent.  And fuck it, it's a great system.

Thing is, a friend of mine (my best friend, curse his eyes) had been considering getting back into the addiction game back when we were Epically Failing at Fields of Blood, and while I was off gallivanting in Edinburgh and not foisting 40k on him, and trying to make him paint, he gave in to temptation.  (Any more 80's songs you wanna link there TKE? Well sure!* Don't mind if I do! I'm not all Talk Talk!)  Long story short, I miss being top dog in that, and it will be a genuine struggle at this stage to get back to the top level of players.  The guys we used to kick up and down the shop now run the show, nationally (No joke.  We have probably one of the toughest UK metagames in ONE freakin shop alone! I am a little uncomfortable with the notion that I can take credit for that, but I WAS the first internationally known player from NI, and DID help to create a Competitive Scene in Belfast, where before were merely Scrubs.  It was YGO curb-stomping that showed me how dull and meaningless victory was without challenge, so we created challenge.  I am not MOSTLY responsible by any means, but I did play a role.)

Anyway, so I bought some cards, and gave in to my nagging desire to get back into it somewhat.  I COULD try and be cheap, only get back in 'for teh lawls'...but you guys should know me well enough to know that NOT trying to be the best would kill me after a very short time.  I need to compete.  Damn.  So much for my Forge World Pre-Heresy armies I was considering...YGO isn't exactly cheap either, like all more non-essential purchases maybe.  Just finish up my Dark Elves, then buy the rest of my Scythes to get to 2k, then my Raven Guard, then my BA, then my OrkaNids, my IG, maaaybe my OrkDar...maybe DE when they come out...Oh, and Skaven, with Island of Blood boxes, ofc.

I need a Hobby.

Oh, right.  Duh.

And yeah, if you're wondering - the drama I was creating was partly to stave off this boredom that forced the TCG purchase...but I got bored of that numbnuts Zingbaby and his psuedo-intelligence far too quickly.  There's no point insulting someone who LITERALLY can't even comprehend the difference between wanting to win and cheating.  Fuck that fucking stupid asswipe in the fucking fuckhole.  That's what I say.


* - Hah! Gotcha! Okay, some creative license, but some songs actually from the 80's with 'sure' in them...

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