Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Zingbaby is a crybaby, and a tool.  I don't know what his dysfunction is, but he's amusing me no end over on BoLS.  I figured best to quote my own brilliance *bows* here, since it's so rare that I would be ardently defending a BoLS'er, let alone most of them.  El oh el, these things happen.  Not that they need it, from a scrote like this, but, hey, it's funny, no?

I said...

"Goatboy and especially Darkwynn are WAAC gamers,"
"some of the BOLS crew have been major pushers for the WAAC jerk-crack... Goatboy's - Goat-whatever-flavor-seems-powerful-marines and Darkwynn's anything-list, have unfortunately spread across the internet universe like wild fire; backed up by batreps with beardy forces"
"WAAC, f@ck your face, rape your opponents mom, pushing unpainted plastic for the win"
"WAAC (win at all cost) _Perfectly_ describes the Leaf-blower list, I am sorry if that offends you. Is it cheating?, but it is just being a jerk. The "most important rule" is more than just 'rolling off for disagreements' its mostly about being concerned that your opponent also has fun."
"playing on boards with little to no terrain... well that could be argued as cheating"
"Exploiting every rule and angle to make a "WAAC" list and then ignoring the rules that get in your way (terrain) is just lame."
"they ARE 'win at all cost' gamers. "

Hrm... Seems to me, you scum-sucking bottom feeder, that those are bs insults [to paraphrase;
1) Goatboy and Darkwynn are jerks, along with anyone else who plays differently to me!
2) Goatboy/Darkwynn/anyone else who doesn't follow the terrain rules properly is a CHEATER, and anyone who doesn't follow the MIR by your interpretation is also a CHEATER! RAWR!11!] - those are BS insults, and you ARE accusing them of cheating.  So, it seems that I DO possess reading comprehension skills (probably better than yours...) and I can also remember my own comments, which is an improvement on you.

You are a parasite on our hobby - some form of Happiness Leech, draining everything fun about the Hobby into the amorphous hole that is your soul, and trying to ruin everything for everyone else.  Tell you what Zingbaby - so hang out with the other jerks with no redeeming features, huh?
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