Saturday, 11 December 2010

13th Company - Army Painting Challenge

Hi Itspug here, as some of you may already know I frequently lurk over on Heresy Online. I joined Heresy for one reason, and one reason only - an Army Painting Challenge, this challenge helped me to complete my first ever fully painted army. They're going to be running another from January and for this year I have chosen an army to paint that not only looks completely different to my Imperial Guard, but fights differently on the tabletop as well... 13th Company Space Wolves.

The basic principle of the challenge is that each month you must paint one (codex legal) unit, the plan is that at the end of the year you will have a fully painted army. Its a useful tool if, like me, you cannot seem to do anything without a looming deadline.

My first task is to build the unit I will want to paint for my entry in January, using a Space Wolves battleforce, a box of Space Wolves Terminators, a Chaos Space Marine squad and some spare bits I had lying around I believe I have enough to build my 1750 point army without any purchases (I first though this was something good until I realised I've probably got enough bits to do 2 armies, makes you wonder how much we spend on our hobby, doesn't it?)

Now I would like to say that I used a scientific, or logical means of planning the construction of each model, but in reality I dumped all the bits into a box and when putting the model together whichever bit came to hand first got used, this gives a nice random look to the armour, as if it truely has been scavanged from the enemy and repaired and used for millenia.

I'll talk about the army list I've designed to act as a fluffy 13th company list in a later post, (and no doubt TKE will have some input to add, as its at best a semi-competitive SW list) but first the models I've currently completed...

Rune Priest Snorri Gegnisson

Halldor Sturluson's pack
As always, excuse the bad photos, and C&C is always welcome.
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