Thursday, 16 December 2010

It's Such Fun /sarcasm

Ain't it Fun?

I really hate it, but it's unavoidable.

The majority of potential opponents I have just aren't worth my time playing.  Neither of us will actually enjoy the game, and this is a terrible situation to be in.

Either I play at my normal level, at which most of them either can't or have no interest in competing (which is fine, except that - you know me, so why are you playing me if you don't want to try and beat me) Or, I play down, which is unrewarding for me in the extreme, and, since I will either still win, or you will know I could have, unpleasant and condescending for you.

There are about half-a-dozen who I can thoroughly enjoy a game against.  They aren't the only ones who can beat me, given the right dice anyone could, practically, but when only that few in my area are the people I actively want to play, it's no wonder I've averaged like only a game a month since the summer.

I have no issue with people taking gimped lists for fluff reasons, except that I don't have the money to waste and the time to paint models that aren't any good on the table, so stop playing against me with Orks.  I'm the best Ork player around, and you aren't even taking half-decent lists, never mind ones good enough to make me even pause and consider my turns.

If using a proper army, then don't use gimped units (Penal Legion) and make stupid deployment decisions (hello walking 10 strong Stormtroopers, hello Tacticals with no Transport!)...try, at least, to NOT make the same mistakes every game.

I apologise for when I comment on games in progress, but it's only because I want to help.  It almost physically hurts me to see you do the same things wrong, over and over and over.

Ugh.  Maybe after I move house I will start playing my Orks again.  Give them at least a fighting chance to win with their 5e Codexes...(Burst Cannons, indeed...)

Now that griping is done, new layout - if you like it, or it made your eyes vomit, let me know.  Doesn't mean I'll change it, but whatever.

Back to the regularly scheduled programming.
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