Saturday, 25 December 2010

Merry Xmas?

I doubt any of you are reading this today, because I'm sure you all have better thigs to do than read holiday wishers from yuors truly - though if you don't, then my condolences, and yuo're very welcome.  Let's form a club.

I'm a little drunk, but not nearly drunk enough - and my Christmas cheer has dried up faster than Madonna's minge, but whatever.  I'm sincerer in wishing you all the best over thev festive period, and in general, besides.  It's not like I only want you all to be alive for a couple days around the Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere) or whatever you weird Southerners do.

Upside down living.

Gave up on Ch.. :-s

Anyway, yeah.  Happy Xmas to you all - have a goood holiday, such as it is, come back refreshed and ready to read some more material from me, hopefully.  I have a lot to do, becasue I move house on the 7th (date confirmed, yes!!) and theres still the drunken debauchery of NYE and my Birthday (5th, don't all buy me a Vendetta, cos that's a few too many!) to come.

Wish Google Chrome would hurry up and open so I can insert these links...(not to be confused with Lynx, as that is a Great Cat, or a Deoderant, dependant upon your preference there.)

Gave up on CHrome.  So, here's my Xmas listening.

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