Saturday, 4 December 2010

Totally Fluffy World Eater List One (Point Five)

As you may or may not have noticed, the variant list below was a bit screwed up, because I forgot the 35 point discount awarded to BA Assault Squads when buying a Dedicated Transport instead of their free Jump Packs.  Shows what happens when you write a list from memory, instead of with the book!

With that being the case, perhaps it's better to begin again, rather than try to squeeze something out of those 105 points.  This is me doing that.

Firstly, we want a Librarian.  If we are going to be using a Land Raider Rush again (we are) then we require Shield of Sanguininus, plus, a Khorne army without Psy Defence is like apple pie without crust - a load of Cox.  [I am aware that Cox are not cooking apples, those are Bramley's.  Stop distracting me, brain!]

Also, we need to address the *ahem* foolishness of having a bunch of ICs that simply didn't fit in the Land Raiders, cos of the stupid 'only carry 10' thing.

In order to correct this, our squads will have a different make-up, namely:

8 Assault Marines;
Meltagun, Infernus Pistol, Power Fist, Land Raider [Multi-Melta] - 429

This both utilises Khorne's favoured number, AND has most of the same actually dangerous elements.  It's also a LOT cheaper than the previous list' folly...three of those with a min Libby is only(!) 1387.  If we then take the extra Melta assortment of 3 solo Land Speeders...

Land Speeder:
Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer - 70

Then we have spent 1597 points, and have 3 Troops, 3 FA, and an HQ.  Honour Guard would make the list Deathstar-ish, as would DC.  Time for the Fury of the Blood God to be expressed properly...

Sanguinary Priest:
Power Weapon - 65

I know, I know...putting a PW on these guys is non-optimal, as they are ICs and can so be singled out in CC, or by doubt the revamped Vindicare Assassins will be experiencing itchy trigger finger at the sight of these 4 S5 I5 WS5 A on the charge too.  An Infernus Pistol is possibly a better swap - thing is, then you may get to a mindset where you feel the need to rely on that duo of pistols to do the heavy reality, that is a very bad idea.  Blowing up vehicles is more likely if you have 3 short-range Melta shots, and unless they're a Transport you leave your vulnerable pseudo-psychos exposed.

Anyway, three Priests, one for each Raider.  Sadly, that makes Target Priority easy again.  Okay, mix it up a bit...(We've spent 1792, fyi...)

Firstly, replace the Speeders, because we lack Fire Support.  Yes, it's horrible to conceive that we may need to get out and charge Kroot instead of BBQing them and driving on by, but it's not like those cannibalistic savages are a match for our genetically engineered super savages!

Instead of each Speeder, we have :

Attack Bike Squadron;
2x Multi-Melta. - 100

Which costs us another 90 points, but works well with our rather large FnP bubbles projected from LR hulls. It also doubles the amount of Melta in each FA slot.  1882 gone then, leaves 118 to spend.  Decisions, decisions.

For me, it's gotta be a Dread.  In a way that never worked as well for Loyalists in my head (Bjorn an obvious exception...) Dreadnoughts are just a part of the way Chaos operates.  They just FIT.  Marines use their deceased heroes because they *must*, like the Eldar Ghost Warriors.  Chaos uses these entombed madmen, because they *can*.  Because they simply care not for their fate, and revel in the destruction unleashed by these giants of the battlefield.

That's why it pains me slightly to bow to necessity and arm it with:

Multi-Melta, Twin-Linked (Reaper) Autocannon - 110

As for the Librarian?  His powers are, of course, Shield and Sword...the ability to worry TWC being too valuable for such a potentially fragile list. The whole list then:

Champion of the Blood God [Librarian];
Shield of the Blood God, Daemon Weapon, Collar of Khorne - 100

Host of Skulls [8 Assault Marines] :
Meltagun, Infernus Pistol, Power Fist, Land Raider (Multi-Melta) - 429

Host of Blood [8 Assault Marines] :
Meltagun, Infernus Pistol, Power Fist, Land Raider (Multi-Melta) - 429

Host of Slaughter [8 Assault Marines] :
Meltagun, Infernus Pistol, Power Fist, Land Raider (Multi-Melta) - 429

Chosen of Khorne:
3 Chosen, each with Power Weapon and Emblem of Fury - 185

Brethren of the Killing [Attack Bike Squadron]:
2 Multi-Meltas - 100

Brethren of the Maiming [Attack Bike Squadron]:
2 Multi-Meltas - 100

Brethren of the Burning [Attack Bike Squadron]:
2 Multi-Meltas - 100

Butcher of Istvaan [Dreadnought] :
Multi-Melta, Twin-Linked Autocannon - 110

And, yes, I do that in my head every time I do a list like that.  No, I don't always bother to name each squad, but I hope that serves to display how to break free of the shackles of GW's naming work around proper nouns and whatnot, and call things whatever the hell you want, as long as your opponent understands.

I hope to do list 2.5 on Sunday.  Till then, True Believers!
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