Friday, 28 January 2011

Live Blogging Event?

Well, as you may have noted, I am in the city of Cork 270-odd miles from my own bed, and the comfort of my bitz boxes and almost a dozen army cases.

I have my Eldar, my Codex...well, Cathy's BRB...flying bases.  Oh shit.  Another fucking cock up.

All the same.  Here's the plan - take my camera for a few videos (but I forgot the cable to put those on the laptop) and/or snaps - depending on the memory capacity really.  Not sure how much I can get on it before it explodes or whatever.

If at all possible to have my laptop on during games (unlikely) I will try to have that up and going ,and squeeze 50-100 words synopses between games...but don't hold your breath here guys...I'm actually really pissed off my flying bases are inexplicably not in my case.

Frankly, if being this annoyed at my own stupidity doesn't affect my gaming tomorrow it'll be a goddamn miracle...especially since I am very unlikely to get 8 scraped together from other players with less than 10 hours notice.

Fucking hell...
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