Sunday, 30 January 2011


Just 6 hours sleep? Bah!  Stupid Robin Williams.  Watching 1991's The Fisher King instead of writing last night's blog post for 2 hours or whatever kinda neutralised any advantage I sought by going to sleep instead of going out drinking (not that I could properly afford it anyway! lol) only real hope now is that my opponents are hungover and capitulate! Haha.

How many litres of coffee can one safely drink?


It WAS a good film though.  Well, it was entertaining. In hindsight, it wasn't truly all that good.  Well, that's not fair either.  Watch it yourselves, if you've never seen it.  Well worth a go.  It was nominated for 7 Academy Awards, so that's not too shabby.

Back to today...the missions remaining are Capture and Control on Pitched Battle, and Seize Ground (5 Obj) on DoW (I think it's on DoW...?)

Frankly, C&C is a joke, we should be playing a second Annihilation game, so we have 2 of those and 3 Obj missions...but it isn't up to me.  Not least because without a central point to defend, my Eldar are able to wheel freely and flit about any quarter of the table - giving me a huge potential advantage in KP missions (even though I have 15 to offer up to people, some very easily)...but maybe this is just because I know how to play these missions, and don't whine like the internet.

That's right, internet - Kill Points are nowhere near as unbalanced, one-sided and poorly designed as Capture and Control.  Get over it.

Anyway, yeah.  To be fair, having a 3 Obj (fixed) Seize Ground seems a deliberate move to benefit Orks/Nids/similarly immobile armies, that I feel unnecessary/undesirable.  However, that mission is over, and I will discuss it more at the time for that.  Time to go have breakfast!
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