Sunday, 6 February 2011

Change of Plans...

One of my colleagues phoned in sick (since she gets paid for 2 sick days a year, I'm more than a little dubious. :/ ) - upshot is, I 'get' to sit in work (well, not much sitting tbh) for an extra 5 hours, and get Saturday 20th off in lieu.

Eagle-eyed viewers of the TKE Show will be aware that that is the weekend of Dominion Day in 'Ballymena hai!' And that means what it says on the tin - TKE is planning another road trip. This time, with actual road travel. Lol

All I need to do is shell out on 2 Fire Prisms... :/ Unpleasant, deeply unpleasant - but I cannot rely on internet delivery in time, and cannot face repairing my existing ones and going through the gut-wrenching feeling when they fall off their flying bases AGAIN.

Quick proviso - if anyone wants to lend me two Prism turrets, I will buy them online to replace theirs if I can paint them, or if anyone has 6 Tau Pathfinders, 4 Kroot and 4 Kroot Hounds to sell/lend/loan me, I could play Tau instead. Bear in mind, I need them 3 colours in time for the event, and won't be able to take any additional time off work to paint, or even playtest in the case of Tau...

Thanks in advance! ...right, back to work then... :(
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