Saturday, 5 February 2011


So, the man with the plan, the junkie with the funky, and the bloke with the joke were betrayed (in a sense) by the guy with the Sky...or, in plainer English, the internet-installing man never showed yesterday, and I am left in the proverbial dark. Still. Aaaaarrrggghhhh!!!!

I still cannot find (did I mention this hold-up?) The cables to connect my camera digitalis or my phone to my laptop and extract the photos contained therein, making it feel rather fruitless to do the copy (the body of text, Philistine readers*) for the BatReps, such as they were going to ever be. My notes for game one are the most extensive by far, and my memory of them all is fairly good, though Game 3 leaves something to be desired imo.

Meh. You should be used to my poor excuse for BatReps by now, lol. All the same, without pics they are rather bland affairs.

As a (sad) result, chances are I will spend tomorrow afternoon typing copy for articles that mayn't see the light of day for another week, but meh. I can continue to type army lists for your perusal as they take comparatively little typing, and it's a real pain in the hole when typing and I get a text message, as I have to save the draft, quit it, scroll a bit, click the text, read it, reply, exit, scroll, click the email draft, and scroll to the bottom and resume - all before getting another text message! Conversation is overrated, monologues FTW!

So, yeah. I wrote a bunch of army lists for 1750 to consider for RetCon (fuckers stole the perfect convention name from under my nose!) Though it's only a bit likely I will go. Been invited (thanks!) To Dominion Day too...frankly, looks unlikely atm, as my Prisms are depressing to look at broken, and repairs are just not worthwhile. Sigh.

Oh, on the topic of the Northern Wasters - Johnny in particular - I saw you several times Saturday, and just couldn't remember where I knew you from *shame* it was really annoying, because I knew I knew you, but didn't want to make an idiot of myself with that mental block...Chris said he'd seen you after game 3 when we went to the chippy, but I don't remember seeing you Sunday to say hi, and with the 20 minute flying base substitute creation going on, had no time to, I wasn't being rude, just stupid! :)
How did you do?

...End of article?


* - I doubt I have any Philistine readers, but you never know, I get them from all over. Hopefully, no-one gets offended by this, especially dyslexic Filipinos.
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