Thursday, 31 March 2011

Totally Fluffy: Word Bearer List

Well, there was a bit of discussion on 3++ t'other day about Counts As (when isn't there?!?) and I believe I brought up Word Bearers (someone did, probably me - very much the kind of thing I would do...) in regard to making them from the Blood Angel Codex.

Naturally, people get all het up about this ("Rawr! Can't use Land Speeders! They all crashed in at the Siege of The Emperor's Palace, being priority targets for the defenders due to their mobility etc! Can't use Razorbacks, Evil Marines wouldn't steal!" etc) and I sigh mournfully, and wonder why they can't think for themselves that I might intentionally omit anything from my army list the *I* thought was decidedly unfluffy, and couldn't give a flying fuck about their interpretation, save where is supports my own conclusions - and even then only in the most passing, insignificant way imaginable ("You agree? Thanks, now shit the fuck up nimrod.")

Without further ado then - a list not truly designed to be at the sharp end of the wedge, but to represent the Word Bearers rather more appropriately than generic CSM manage.  Yes, you can call a vanilla CSM (or Kharn!!) a Dark Apostle, but I'd much rather use a Reclusiarch thanks.  Yes, I could use Daemons, but...they suck.  I could use, wait.  I can't.  I could use Possessed - but they're fucking woeful, and I'd rather use Death Company.  So, anyway...

Dark Apostle:
Infernus pistol, Melta Bombs - 150

12 Possessed:
3 Power Fists, 2 Power Weapons, 2 Infernus Pistols, Wings. - 555

Tactical Squad:
Meltagun, Missile Launcher - 175
Tactical Squad:
Meltagun, Missile Launcher - 175

Assault Squad:
2 Meltaguns, Lightning Claw, Drop Pod - 225

Assault Squad:
2 Meltaguns, Power Weapon, Drop Pod - 225

Cult of the True Lord of Mankind: 
10 Scouts, Shotguns - 140

Dark Acolyte: (Chaplain) - 100

Icon Bearers:
1 w/ Power Weapon
1 w/ Power Weapon - 130

Autocannon, Heavy Bolters, Extra Armour, Hunter-Killer Missile - 125

Use Drop Pods as blockers, it's the only way to get your 40 Mehreens walking upfield through a hail of fire, led by the Winged Possessed, and chanting hymns to their Dark Masters.  Your fire support is crap, but so what?  Use the Cultists to attack something weak early on, or to spoil an Objective for the opponent by sitting in cover on it, and hoping to survive until the bodies arrive.  If you'd rather use the Scouts as bubblewrap, put the Chappy with them to keep them under control, and enjoy!

This is a fun list after all, who cares if you get trashed by Nids, DE, IG etc?  It can still compete with 4e Codexes, and since that's about all CSM can do themselves... :p

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