Friday, 1 April 2011

Everybody Loves Dethtron.

View April 2nd...jpg in slide showAdepticon is this weekend, chaps and chappettes - not that interesting to me, as they backed away from adopting a proper W/L format, which means that they'll use their pseudo-NOVA attempt, declare it a failure, and move back to their previous format next year.

All the same, our good friend Colin (aka Dethtron) from Dick Move (aka...Dick Move?) will be in the vicinity (not to be confused with Vinsanity, from 3++...I'll stop) of this most humongous of events.  How do I know? Well, I received this email from him:

guys and girl,

After announcing the cancellation of my band's show that coincided with adepticon, I just found out that we've located a new venue and are going to be able to put on a free show 10 minutes away from the Con!!!!

Unfortunately, we haven't been able to give any notice about this, which totally sucks.  If you could all be so kind as to put up a quick blurb about this on your blogs, I would greatly appreciate it.  

Here are the details:

My Band: Crusader

Show info

when:  Saturday, April 2nd 
doors at 8:30

where:  Ardmore Lounge
340 S Ardmore Ave
Villa Park, IL

who:  She Likes Todd
Situation Red

how much: free!!!!!!!

age:  21+

directions from Adepticon:

1. Head west on Yorktown Mall Dr toward S Grace St
276 ft
2. Take the 1st right onto S Grace St
0.2 mi
3. Take the 1st right onto E 22nd St
0.7 mi
4. Turn left at S Meyers Rd
1.0 mi
5. Turn right at IL-38 E/E Roosevelt Rd
0.8 mi
6. Turn left at S Ardmore Ave
1.5 mi

I've attached the flyer front and back.  please feel free to use those in any post that you may make about this.  Thanks again for the help and let me know if I can do anything for you.

Putting aside any suggestions of sexual favours in return for now, I would like to announce my endorsement of this event/product and/or service.  I have never heard his band, and frankly I don't think they're exactly my kind of music BUT if they are a genre you enjoy, or you're bored, or, hell, even if you just want to see the creator of FNIF in the flesh - pop along and say hi.  Or perhaps, shut the fuck up and listen to them play songs at you.  Whatever!  Doubt you're walking though, it's a little over 4 miles - bear that in mind, and car pool!
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