Saturday, 10 September 2011

Brief Update


Am heading off to BWG in about an hour where I'll be playing my first few games in over a month with my purple floating tanksies and DAVU-tastic Go Dragons.

Yeah I decided on not changing the list I'll be running despite people decrying it as too hard for a soft league - I should be taking a few photos of my games today so I can do a running commentary on here away from Scrubs that troll me (although that situation is ameliorating itself nicely after a trip to the pub with the worst of them :) )

With regards to the Codex Rewrite, things are moving behind the scenes requiring me to actually dedicate a lot of time to going through the various 5th Ed dexes and chop/changing my ideas with TKE's guidance. You can expect a post about guardians before the end of next week though and we'll probably go through the Aspects after that before hitting the all important HQ and tanksies.

I can however drop a tidbit or too...

Shuriken Weapon stats... :)

Shuriken Catapult                S3, Ap5 18" Assault 2
Avenger Shuriken Catapult  S4, Ap5 18" Assault 3
Shuriken Cannon                  S4, Ap5 24" Assault 5 (Defensive weapon yooo!)
Shuriken Pistol                      S3, Ap5 12" Pistol

Oh and the fact that the Crystal targeting matrix is back.

Have at it - bring on the fireworks!
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