Saturday, 22 October 2011

Bury Wargames League - First few Games


Just a quick post to cover my first few league 'games' if you can deign call them that.

The first game was against an extremely derp Tau list, run by a total scrub - who despite being in the League didn't really know the rules, his list, how to play, or (the worst part) how to shower.

List was roughly:

Shas'o w/ Iridium Armour, Shield Gen, CiB, Fusion, HWMT, HWTL, HWDC, Shield Drone
Crisis Team w/ 1 x Flamer, 1 x Missile pod, 3 x Burst Cannons, 1 x Fusion Blaster
Stealths x 3 w/ Marker Drone, markerlight
Stealths x 3 w/ Marker Drone, markerlight
12 Fire Warriors w/ markerlight (Devilfish w/ SMS, TA, DP, 1 x Seeker, Decoy Launchers)
12 Fire Warriors w/ Markerlight (Devilfish w/ SMS, TA, DP, 1 x Seeker)
16 Kroot
14 Kroot
8 Gun Drones
Broadside w/ Two Shield Drones

Unsurprisingly, I tabled him in four turns, only losing a Fire Dragon Squad when he rapid fired his entire Firebase at them. After I slagged his Shas'O, Broadside and Crisis Team on T2, I basically just sat in my Transports hitting him with massed S6, trying not to laugh as he assaulted my tanks with Kroot.

He was a scrub, and no, I didn't enjoy it in the slightest - I felt very bad playing him, especially with my mechdar. His army was mostly comprised of Warmachine models proxying in suits, Firewarriors and Kroot, which next to my almost fully painted Eldar army looked incredibly shambolic.

My second game was also incredibad, with the IG player taking yet another Derp list, yet not as horrifyingly bad as the Tau player:

Command Squad w/ Plasma, Master of the Ordnance and Power Weapon
Vets in a Chimmy w/ 3 Plasmaguns (Sgt Bastonne)
Vets in a Chimmy w/ 3 Meltaguns
Vets on foot w/ 3 Sniper Rifles and a Heavy Bolter
Penal Legionnaires
Rough Riders
Lemon Rüss Exterminator
Lemon Rüss Vanqüïsher

This guy did know the way his list worked - and was surprisingly good with it, albeit appaling dice on both our parts meant that my Fire Dragons delivered and his firebase was mostly shaken having weathered my S6, S9 and Lancefire.

Lol, well, this also finished with me almost tabling him whilst holding both objectives - with my Farseer having killed off Marbo with it's witchblade and the hellhound having exploded epically, killing off the whole Sniper Vets squad. Having never encountered rough riders before, the game was very interesting, with my Fire Dragons successfully killing the whole squad on the charge after slagging a few of them to death with their Fusion Guns.

I only lost my Fire Dragons again, but I purposefully put them that close to him, so, meh - life goes on.

Due to the silly way the rules work, today I earned 26KPs, 10Obj points and only lost 3KPs myself.

Tomorrow - a post about the ECP.
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