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Eldar Codex Project: Howling Banshees & Striking Scorpions

From Rajabersiong
*Gets poked by the 'Encouragement Cattle-prod'*

*TKE Snickers*

When I first started playing Eldar, and I had no clue as to what was good (before I found this place - thanks for that TKE btw) [You are very welcome. :) ] or frankly terrible, I came acropper on the old Scorpions vs Banshees debate. Which assault unit should my fledgling army take. [Of course, there is a debate to be had about whether a melee unit is required at ALL... ;-) ] I was so confused about it all before I saw the light.

Then came the realisation that Dragons are way cooler than either of them. The interest ended and I just ignored the entries in elites that weren't our melta-toting friendsies.

The main problem for these entries is that currently, neither of them is actually any good at the job their designed to do so the highest point on the list of priorities here is to make them killy. Looking at an updated close combat aspect - the Incubi for inspiration, what do they have that the current aspects lack? For one, they *do* kill things, and very happily - with Power from Pain giving them furious charge and FNP, they are markedly more survivable than other current aspect warriors.

Take Striking Scorpions for example, they are 3+ save, T3 and are currently capable of killing around one marine on the charge. Great. I never understood the design idea behind not making them fleet, so first things first, I'll slap that USR on them allowing them to keep up with stuff. Also, something these guys are currently really missing from the 3rd Ed codex is s4 as base - something to keep them set apart from the other, less strongly trained, less übar-chainsword wielding, less mandiblastery Eldar.

Easy fix, make them S4. But wait, I'm not done yet.

Also, in the flarf, especially Path of the Warrior, Scorpions are portrayed as sneaky basterds who move v easily through cover to multiateify their enemies. Although the definitions between flarf and gameplay must not become blurred (or we'll end up with Movie Marines) I figured that they should at least get a nod towards these abilities with another USR - Move Through Cover.

As far as I'm concerned, the powers available to these guys need a tad sorting out too. I like the Stealth and Infiltrate powers, they're mega tasty - yesh please outflanking scorpions. As a nod to Path of the Warrior, I decided to make the last power available an exarch only preferred enemy buff.

The finished product awaits below, concatenatified (I made up another word, so sue me) to the Banshees entry (ahaha still making you choose naïve Width!)

A musical break....


The crux of the issue. How to make banshees bettar, but not totally flugdärian...?

Given that I'm kinda aiming the power level of this dex pretty much slap bang on DE, another good comparison to make is Incubi = Banshees.

From GiantBomb

These lads and ladies (yes they *are* both genders - Gav Thorpe said so in his little book) are shock, linebreaking infantry that *will* kill the heavy infantry they charge with funky masks that make people feel funny due to the ultrasonic screams when they get charged. In order to actually make them effective in this manner, they need a few boosts to make them approaching best shock infantry in the galaxy (They still won't be able to handle Fire Warriors - those things can kill Assault terminators without raising a finger....).

The 'fixes' that I have written are as follows:

People moaning about them not being killy enough - Okay, Incubi are WS5, Banshees can be too (it's only fair on them... :) ). I will however be keeping them at 1A base, that's 3 on the charge with a potential for 4 with a new Exarch Power - Whirlwind of Blades - originally from TKE's early Banshee draft:

If the Exarch passes a Leadership test, the squad benefits from +1A this turn

Tasty huh..? Hold, on - you've not seen the other two

Well, considering you have to choose between that and the other two powers:

Furious Charge
Unit moves like beasts.
TKE's Note: My only real thing is that I don't know if I thematically like this.  Potentially, they could be granted the ability to Assault out of a non-Assault Transport.  This, of course, doesn't have to be an Exarch ability though...
After we're done with the actual dex, we'll take a look and see how much more 'Eldar' we can make things... Like Aspect Warrior crews for vehicles.

Aahh... what?

They can move up to 24" in a turn?

Yes. Yes they can. It fits and I'm very stubborn on this point. As they stand in the current codex, I'd be happy making that base, but adding the element of choice in here makes them nasty, stabby, fast bitches that *are* very capable of mincing the stuff they charge.

Well, what do you people think of these guys?

Howling Banshees and Striking Scorpions Unit Profiles

Let us know what you guys/ gals think of these units...


Honestly, if you hate them, let me know.
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