Monday, 17 October 2011

Monday Day Hobby Day, as I believe the saying goes...

So, today, I had some plans to proceed with my ongoing modelling projects, and basically build some toy souljers.

That hasn't truly happened as much as I planned - but it never does.  We've discussed my general laziness a couple times before, so no point going into it again.

That said, I've done some work, and I'll be happy with that progress.  Basing a squad is poor in terms of volume of work, but it's doing something, and that's always better than doing nothing - or simply playing the Xbox all day.  Stupid sexy ergonomic controllers!

Thanks to everyone's favourite Industrialist, I now have a colour scheme strategy - and this will help me get my army painted much-fold...once I order some of the recommended red primer.  It's ironic that I partly moved to Blood Angels because of my frustrations in painting yellow, only for red to be basically the same shit all over again.  It's like being bored of punching myself in the stomach, and taking a swing at my dick.  All the same, it's what I chose to do, so no complaints.

I have received some very interesting reading material from Mike Brandt that I will be going over before swinging the Creativity Bat in the direction of Width to 'help' him to write further Eldar stuffs.  In fact, I might dig out the Encouragement Prod while we're on the subject... ;-)  60 Volts is always good motivation, in my experience...

Right, am off to tidy up some sprues and that, hopefully condensing my collection into a smaller and smaller pile, and eventually feeling again like I can buy stuff without it making the weight of unbuilt models in my room exceed my own (admittedly, I am pretty svelte, a more appropriate comparison would be my taller, slightly more rotund housemate...[luckily, he doesn't read the blog...])

A picture, to finish.
  Oh, how I lol'd.
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