Sunday, 16 October 2011

Eldar Codex Project: Fire Dragons


I have defeated the beast that was my UCAS form and am fully focusing on the efforts of the ole ECP. However, I am concurrently helping out at a livery stables and a large vet surgery, so this'll only be a short post before I go off and brush some more horses flanks of mud and straw before I go off and see a piggy with a headcold...

I have had a request from someone to push ahead with one or two of the 'necessary' units to play with in the current mechdar army list. (Hopefully, if people actually use this then they won't be such an auto-choose...)

Fire Dragons it was.

There aren't really any totally necessary improvements for these guys and gals - they are already almost the best units in the game at killing vehicles - that many meltaguns hurts like fury. When I play mech IG players, they down my dragon serpents first thing off - almost totally ignoring the other units I have. In Apoc games I've had people take down 5 man squads of Fire Dragons in preference to my Revenant titan - they inspire FEAR in the eyes of everyone.

To begin with, I thought that they didn't need any improvements to statlines, wargear or anything really other than a points adjustment. After much discussion though, some people raised the point that Eldar shouldn't melta in the same way as other races - something I had thought about a while back.... Lets look at the Heat Lance.

Obviously a Melta, but with the added benefit of lanceness - and the higher range.... losing out on some strength though. Meeeh. Tough choice.

With the abilities of the Heat Lance in mind, TKE, AbusePuppy and I had a bit of thinking and we decided on a S6 Ap1 18" Assault 1 Melta. (Pretty much the same thing as a heatlance, minus the lance bit ;) ) Given that two of the Exarch powers are staying the same (Crack Shot and Tank Hunters) it means there is a reason to take both of them. Crack Shot being great as is, but Tank Hunters making them effectively S7 Ap1 18" meltas. As for the last Exarch power, I was having a think and decided on 'Saboteurs' - rerolling to hit with meltabombs vs Vehicles and Walkers - kinda makes sense if you ask me.

Raiders of the Blood Serpent

Now we've gone and beefed (nerfed?) up the Powers slightly, the Exarchs' weaponry needs a look at. As it stands, the Firepike is great, but a bit lacking when compared to how they are in the fluff, so, bearing that in mind, I made it a giant Heat Lance - S8 Ap1 18" Lance Melta. for + 8pts on the original cost. Also, the Dragon's Breath Flamer - it needs an upgrade to reflect how badass Exarchs really are... But not too much of one...

This was a tough choice but I decided on S6 ap4 Template. Originally, I had it as rending, but TKE said it seemed redundant... Whatever boss *cowers*

So, bearing all those things in mind.... Here's the PreAlpha Unit Entry:

Unit Profile

Edit: An Alternative profile that sticks closer to the current style entry I came up with looks like this:

Unit Profile alternative

Any feedback, comments, criticisms, cuddles or kisses?

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