Friday, 14 October 2011

Yes, I am blatantly cashing in on the fact that Necron pictures have been leaked!

Beasts of War: Necron Ghost ArkHuh? What?  That's correct, a plethora of pictures have been leaked today by the good lads over at and clicking that link will reveal all that they have to you, as it did to me, assuming you haven't already seen them.

Open it in another browser though, cos I'm not done talking.


Okay then - first, I have to give credit too to - he's got an excellent article up showing the pics, and, like me, he has ads on his blog, so visiting gives him money, albeit not much.

Let's talk about what we know from the pics and blurbs.

  • Flayed Ones and Immortals are discussed as being Troops, along with Warriors.
  • The aesthetic of Necrons has developed a bit, but is fundamentally the same.  This is of course a plus.
  • Transports, potentially Open-Topped Skimmers - very interesting playstyle change.  Suck it up, whiners.
  • Alternative to that same skiff with a fuck-off cannon underslug.  Looks sweet.
  • Anti-personal weaponry mounted along the hull of said skiff, looks potentially to be a remodelled Gauss Flux Arc - this also makes the underslug more likely to be an anti-tank weapon, although it could be some form of Ordnance.
  • Two different weapon layouts for most units displayed shows ACTUAL options for Necron players.  Some will decry this - if you are one of those people, please swallow bleach.
  • Deathmarks are in NO way inspired by Mass Effect.  Er...Let's not just assume they're snipers though.
  • Lord Special Characters is AWESOME.  Hopefully, the Silent King will have rules too.  Being able to take Assault Squads as Troops in Razorbacks, though, probably not true.  Haters gonna hate.
  • The Doomsday Ark/Ghost Ark is clearly one box, like the Ogre creatures, and the VC Zombie Dragon/Terrorgheist.  This bodes well, and, if you recall, is something they started doing in 40k first, with the Fire Prism/Night Spinner (if we discount the Imperial Guard kits, that have done it for even longer.)
  • Bullet points are fun.
So, Necrons look to be a properly 5e army, though from what we've seen so far there's a serious possibility that they will fall prey to the theoretical issues of Nids, Grey Knights and Dark Eldar, in that Infantry-killing is as easy as pi, with solid, dependable anti-tank much scarcer (a ratio of approximately 1 in 3.14159...)

In further news, it is a not-hugely-well-known fact that several (most? all??) of the Beasts of War guys live in good old Northern Ireland.

At least one of these guys will be playing the new Necrons.

Your magnificent host of this here corner of the webernets ALSO lives in Northern Ireland. ;-)

Ok, talk amongst yourselves...

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