Saturday, 29 October 2011


I've spent an awful lot of my free time recently reading old White Dwarves, mostly the old chapter Approved and Index Astartes articles by the likes of Andy Chambers, Graham MacNeill, Phil Kelly, Pete Haines, etc etc...a lot of such articles Designers notes for the Necron and Chaos Space Marine Codexes of the time...or the introduction of the Trial Assault Rules that form the basis of what we use nowadays.

It's markedly better than today's White Dwarves, by sooo much it's incredible.  Without meaning offence to the current Editor, Paul Sawyer is the best Editor WD ever had, and yes, I'm including Priestley and Thornton.  Lol.

Anyway, reading articles by such luminaries as these (and indeed, Gav Thorpe too, screw you internets!) is giving me plenty more Game Philosophy thoughts - though also reading about the old Cityfight campaign for Vogen, and the rumblings beginning the Eye of Terror Campaign and the WFB Storm of Chaos (that Lord of the End Times is a badass mofo!) make me think, quite strongly of narrative gaming instead, and I'm being torn by conflicting desires to write scenarios, write more Eldar stuff to continue Width's brainchild's development, and to write rules for things like Death Korps, Chem-Dogs, Chaos Cultists, better Daemon rules for CSM than we're presently lumbered with...that, and of course I know there's still the small matter of Armies in Focus to finish.

Plan is, one nice in-depth article will come up on Monday, depending on what I most want to write at the time...most likely the Elites coverage of Armies In Focus - though, having already started it, there's a decent chance that I'll be able to finish it and throw up another (shortish) article on the Altar of Perusal.

Only real problem is that what with Christmas coming, and the rotundity of the goose increasing exponentially, my time in work has increased, and therefore my free time contracts in response - if anyone else wants to put an article or two in over the next three weeks, including any guest submissions, please, be my guest and hit me up at the usual address.
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