Thursday, 15 December 2011

Another Carcrash, The Falcon & Fire Prism


A few too many days later than promised, but well, between a hangover or three (never mix beer and absinthe guys and gals), reading for work to do and things never, ever going according to plan blogposts take a back seat. First up: It turns out that some guy at the local club was inspired by my efforts to rewrite the Eldar codex and took it upon himself to refute all of my efforts and make his own.

Well, after reading it on Saturday night, I was able to digest and comment accordingly. His take on the codex is composed of really pointless updates (making Harlequins 10pts more expensive with auto-kisses, and working like Wolf Guard) and streamlining the current codex - ie including the cost of Shuriken weapons into the base price of vehicles but not changing them to fit into the current meta whatsoever. Also, he increased the cost of the Waveserpent 'to deter mechanised play' to 100pts and kept the weapon prices the same, if not more expensive..... derp.

Although I appreciate the effort he put into it - as I now know, writing a 'dex is hard work, but seriously, ignoring some of the massive flaws in the current codex and making them even worse in some other areas. I will be playtesting against his dex next week, so I will have to let you know how it fares vs a Pointy Spelves list. haha.

Oh yeah, I have also got hold of a copy of Imperial Armour Apocalypse Second Edition - the Wraithseer is okay-ish now, but still a massive ....ehhhh for 185pts. Hornets and the Warp Hunter however make me feel warm inside - if i wasn't on a hormachine love-rampage, I'd buy 3 Hornets to finally put something useful into Fast Attack. Yes guys, I love them that much. Yes they are slightly overcosted, but so is everything in life these days. (I love 85pt Fast, Aerial assault AV11 vehicles with an ungodly number of S6 shots :D) The Warp Hunter is a crazy-ass tank, especially for the Ap2 flamer. I'll probs try one out at the local club to see what it plays like.

Now the meat and bones of the article: I have finished the alpha Falcon and Fire Prism rules, which are linked in below:

Eat me

These were really easy to do, a mere points adjustment and addition of a few things that TKE requested such as the Falcon becoming a pop-up tank again. Any feedback would be appreciated on these, as with these guys the mechanised force is almost completely playtestable. (Although it doesn't say so, Fire Prisms have the same firing stats as before, and can combine just as before.)

Whilst you're taking the opportunity to read, I am massively disappointed by the latest Angels and Airwaves album. I mean, I actually hate it. In my eyes, it's done for AVA what 'ET the Game' did for the videogame industry. For some good music (in my opinion), take a listen to this:

That's all for the time being... Next time expect a bumper update.... - Lots of Fast Attack goodness :)
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