Tuesday, 14 February 2012

So, I'm going with Tau...

...For this weekend's tournament at Arkham Gaming Centre.

I submitted my list about half an hour before the deadline, and it reads as follows:

Plasma + Missile Pod, Multi-Tracker  - 87

Elites 1:
Crisis Team;
3 Fireknife - 186
Elite 2:
Crisis Team;
3 Deathrain, Blacksun Filters - 138
Elite 3:
Crisis Team;
3 Deathrain, Blacksun Filters - 138

Troops 1:
Fire Warriors - 60
In Transport 1
Troops 2:
6 Fire Warriors - 60
Troops 3:
10 Kroot + 1 Hounds - 76
Troops 4:
10 Kroot + 3 Hounds - 88

Fast Attack 1:
Piranha; Fusion Blaster, - 70
Fast Attack 2:
Piranha; Fusion Blaster, - 70
Fast Attack 3:
6 Pathfinders - 72
In Transport 2

Heavy Support 1:
Hammerhead - SMS, Ion cannon, Disruption Pod - 130
Heavy Support 2:
3 Broadsides - Advanced Stabilisation System, SMS - 240
Heavy Support 3:
3 Broadsides - Target Locks, SMS - 225

Transport 1:
Devilfish; Disruption Pod, SMS - 105
Transport 2:
Devilfish; SMS, Disruption Pod - 105

TOTAL: 1850

Complete with stupid formatting, necessitated by my lack of time, and copy/pasting from Heresy Online.  Honestly, I'm not entirely sure how to go about fixing it so it doesn't end up looking crap, although probably using Notepad as a stopover between HO and email would've worked.  Oh well.

I'd have liked better to drop the 2 Hounds than the Targetting Arrays on the Piranhas, but it simply wasn't possible.  Much to my consternation, I cannot find the Pathfinders I converted from Fire Warriors last year to use those. :(

Equally importantly, if you check the list above, it omits the Disruption Pods I purchased for the Piranhas.  You can see yourselves the points have been paid, so at least that's something.  :-/

One of these days I'll get to go to a tournament with my first choice army, all the correct models and accessories, my own Codex, and without getting models for it at stupidly short notice.  Some day...
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