Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Springing War on People - Assault on Arkham May 2012

Since Chris has already posted on this very topic, you may be wondering why I felt the need to indulge with a post on exactly the same thing? Well, firstly, it's my damn blog, and I'll post on whatever I please. :p

That aside, this post is to announce my (provisional) attendance, with my ticket being purchased a couple hours ago.  This time, I hope to actually take a 5th Edition Codex, and try to compete with such luminaries as ItsPug from here and The Uplifting Primer, frequent commenters Death Korps of War and Sir_M1ke, fellow Blogginators Tom , James, and I hope I'll be forgiven for not knowing which guys from The War Altar are going...and I THINK this guy, though I can't think of any other links off the top of my head. army.

Well, I've written several new ones since Sunday already (not Tau...well, no, I DID write a new Tau one, but screw that, boring to play really.  One-dimensional, and I know how the game's going to go [badly!] too early on for it to be of much excitement.) At present my favourites are a Dark Eldar list, that'd be pretty difficult to get together considering the total dearth of skiffs lying around here (infantry not so much an issue, I have plenty of Craftworld Eldar stand-ins...) a Space Wolf list that'd be *quite* interesting I reckon, though slightly tweaked away from theoretical efficiency as a nod to the more likely types of opponent I'll be facing... and a Blood Angel list that is the most realistic in terms of models all being remotely the army they're supposed to be from on the table.

Granted, I could also field Space Marines, Dark Angels, Black Templars, Grey Knights, Orks, Eldar... all without any difficulty whatsoever in getting what I want/need arranged, but several of those aren't 5e book - and I think I *really* owe it to myself to play at least ONE Tournament this Edition with a present Codex.  Plus, only 2 of those are really versatile enough for me to be bothered.  Playing DAs or BTs necessitates building Typhoons and while, yes, I DO have a stash of the parts for just such an eventuality, collected from both my Land Speeder sprues bought in the last few years, and a couple from friends and eBay, I don't really feel like building them for this event.  As for GKs, well, there were plenty of those there last weekend, and frankly I don't want to be all band-wagony.

Naturally, by this point you're only really jumping on by playing Necrons, but even at that, I'd want to either buy a bunch of proper GK boxes for proper GK models, or to fulfill my ambition of Dark Angels with a ton of Stormbolters and Power Mauls/Swords as a 'Counts As' GK army (Fallen, perhaps??) and that's a crazy expensive idea considering the other armies I still need to buy a LOT for to finish nevermind start as well like that (Hello Imperial Guard!)

So, basically this post also serves as advance warning of some more army lists being bandied around like the proverbial hot potato in the next couple weeks, as my other projects (a Blood Bowl related post or two being chief among them...) get sidelined in favour of hopefully taking an army I don't look at during deployment for game two and think 'what have I got myself into this time...'
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