Friday, 10 February 2012

Tournament next weekend!

Thanks to a very fortuitous set of circumstances, I will now be attending the Assault On Arkham event at Arkham Gaming Centre next weekend (dunno how I'm getting up there yet, but still....)

Firstly then a big thanks to our very own ItsPug, who provided me with his ticket since he can't go.  I didn't expect to get it off work, but things worked out neatly on that score too, and now I'm faced with the deliberations of what army to use.  It's 1850, so my options are many and varied - but the closeness of the event largely rules out Blood Angels - until I get my parcels from Waugh Games and Bits And Kits then I can't finish building enough Predators that I wouldn't be ashamed of putting on a table at an actual Tournament. :(

Since I can't be assured that they'll arrive in time to get painted to a 3-colour minimum (more to do with my working schedule than the companies involved) I have to rule out BA, as I'm not playing without AutoLas.

My Orks have been retired for good reason, and I'd have a fair bit of painting to do anyway, since I decided that using Rogue Trader Shoota Boyz was so 2000-and-late that it was time to get plastic ones instead, and most of those aren't even basecoated.

My Eldar are a prospect, but the issue with them is two-fold - my old metal Fire Prisms had an accident at WarpCon last year and never got fixed, nor their plastic replacements built.  I CAN build and 3-colour them in the three/four days I have to do so, easily enough, but the second issue is how to expand from 1750-1850, not something easy in that outdated Codex.

Other choices?  Well, I'm sure I could scrape together a Space Marine army, but it wouldn't be amazing, as I have limited painting time (when I say 3/4 days, it doesn't take into account that I have other things to do those days, and I'm a glacially slow painter,with the attention span of a...oh cool, ...what was I on about?) and if I'm going to take a sub-par army, my Eldar are better painted.  [Because it's unoptimised, *sigh* not a slam on Codex: Space Marines]

I could always play Chaos Space Marines.
Or, I could borrow Tau again.

Either of these feels a more interesting choice than the alternatives, but I think I'd much rather take Tau.  People in general have a false view of Tau, that downplays their army's effectiveness.  Sure, the CODEX is bad, because it's limited, has few viable options, some absolutely unplayable units, and reaaaaaally needs an overhaul, BUT the army they can bring to the table, while not designed to function in any good way in 5e, isn't THAT bad, and can certainly do a job.  Bit of luck, I can do much better than at last year's Dominion Day (also in February, oddly) and collect plenty of Greater Good for the Good Throne, or however things work for the Space Cows.

Opinions on what I should field, suggested lists, words of encouragement, oaths of fealty etc, encouraged, as per.
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