Monday, 30 April 2012

Oh, ok, I've now kinda hit a wall.

I have tons of modelling work to do to fully prepare my army for the tournament on the 19/20th of May at Arkham GC, and frankly I can't be bothered.  This is an inopportune time to be lackadaisical, but I am.

The continued rumours of god-awful changes to 40k in 6th (removing the FoC in lieu of a percentage system that will cause havoc in my collections at best, randomly selected psychic powers rather than supporting the notion of player choice, random assault distances like WFB 8e, practically anything that was in the fake PDF...) have seen my interest in purchasing, well...anything, disappear completely.  I have/had dreams of hosting a NOVA-style Tournament, in conjunction with the aforementioned venue, but if 6e 40k isn't inherently as competitive or more so than 5e, I have no desire to follow through on that, and thus no desire to invest the significant money into getting terrain I can be happy with and consider an example of Good Tournament Boards.

I have no desire, either, to purchase the rest of my Space Wolves army, not least since it wouldn't be finished by the time 6e comes out and may radically change.  Similarly, I am finding it hard to be overly interested in writing armies for the like of IG and Dark Eldar - armies I'd dearly love to feel like I could afford to play right now.

Speaking of armies I *do* play, the Orks haven't even seen fresh air for an incredibly long time now, and I actually never did get around to building a new set of Kannons to replace the hodge-podge of Big Gunz I'd been using previously.  Never even built that list unit of Lootas either, I think.  The Eldar - well, recently I've had a greater urge to paint them than my other models, but I think that's a simple case of the grass being greener, and Eldar being comparatively easy for me at this stage.  Painting my Blood Angels became irritatingly arduous with GW's paint range change scuppering the very useful help of Mr Laubersheimer in how I was to approach this gargantuan task - while I've now come close to a scheme I am happy (enough) replicating, it's taken more time and effort than I had in preparation for this event.

Simply put, the BA won't be 100% done by July.  Since the most conservative estimates put 6th firmly in one of our twinned midsummer months, I am, in the vernacular, screwed.

This makes galvanisation much harder to accomplish again...Sigh.  Still - at least I still enjoy PLAYING the game.  It's just the assorted paraphernalia, and fear of the parts of the game I like being subsumed under a tide of mediocrity and popularism.

Anyone got any stirring words to try and get me off my arse, and on my arse in a different set-up that involves painting toy soldiers?
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