Sunday, 20 May 2012

We Cannot Hope To Achieve Victory Through Strength of Arms!

Not for ourselves, no.  But we can give Frodo his chance!

So, after a quite magnificent start, if I do say so myself, I was leading the pack going into game three.  Two 19-1 wins, over another Blood Angels force and over Dark Eldar Venomspam (you should have SEEN how bad the table would have been if I'd not asked for more terrain to be placed...I'd have won in 2 turns...) saw me set up as the player to beat, for TO and entrant Jonny65.

Unfortunately, after a truly titanic clash, Jonny managed to destroy my last contesting Razor in turn 7 with Paladins in Assault, and the game went from a tie (think it would have been a very rare 10-10 actually, need to double-check...) to a decisisve 16-4 win for him.  Actually, that means it would probably have been 12-8.  I made a couple notable mistakes in the game, including forgetting to Smoke a Stunned Razor for the second consecutive game.  Irritating as hell, really.

I could put the loss down to inexperience (while I've played both Henchmen and Purifiers, I've never played a list that is terribly close to that one) but honestly that would be a disservice to us both.  Now, I can ascribe my loss more accurately to the inherent resilience of his list, and a couple of foolish errors, both in deployment, and in my opening moves.

Well, onwards and upwards, hopefully! Last two games starting soonish, so back to War!
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