Saturday, 23 June 2012

Not Everything Is About 6th You Know...

Up stupid early for Q-Con 2012 (I forget what numeral we're on, hard to care) [24, apparently] and another 5th Edition 40k event.  My last, in fact.  I've read a little more of 6th now, though I still haven't got to read the whole book, obviously, and I have to say that my desire to play 40k at all has only diminished further, so this tournament is going to be shit.

If I hadn't already gone to great lengths to get it off work - and of course pay for it - then I'd probably pass.

I really won't be able to focus on the missions etc, because I don't give a crap.  Like an abusive relationship, things are now just toxic, and I fear not being able to just relax and take it in my stride.

If I'm a shitty opponent today, I can only apologise - it's not personal to you.

That said, I don't want to cliche'd say 'Hate the Game, Not The Gamer' - that's a crock of shit.  Gamers make games what they are, and the type of gamer that has made 40k into this bullshit? I fucking hate you.  You are the reason our Hobby is so small and generally derided as being 'toy soldiers'.  The public can respect competitive events, even if they don't think much of it, they respect that aspect.  Who the fuck ever laughs at Extreme Ironing?  It's a ludicrous notion, but is it mocked the way grown men are for 'messing around with toy soldiers'?  No.  A subset of our community is determined to keep making their pew-pew noises and in doing so preventing the World At Large from ever taking us even slightly seriously.  When Subbutteo is more highly regarded than Warhammer, you know something is seriously wrong with the world - and it's these people, the ones for whom screaming Waaaagh and Loud Noises are the ONLY factors.

And no, bellends, just because I am saying that doesn't mean there's no place for those.  But they aren't the main thing, and should NEVER be the focus of a game that wants to really grow and be taken seriously.

Ugh, this depresses me.  5th isn't even over yet, but for me the magic has gone.  It's like being in a relationship that you know is over, but you've already paid for this mini-break together, and damned if you're going to miss out on a holiday just because you don't think you'll enjoy it.

Who knows, maybe I'll win the whole thing (not likely) and feel good for a couple hours about that.

Well 5th, one last roll of the dice?
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