Thursday, 26 July 2012

[NOVA FAQ] - Dear Mike...(99 Problems Continues...)

NOVA OPEN WEBSITEMike, I figure the most open and honest way to go through this is to read the draft FAQ {} and to simply type as I read it - this may mean some questions get answered as I progress, but I don't have time to read it all in one sitting before I leave for work.  Feel free to ignore anything answered. :)

Squadron Points:
Killa Kans, one gets Immobilised, splits off as per sq rules, gets remobilised later via Grot Riggers, but the other two are destroyed. How are points scored here?  Also, how does this count for Table Quarters etc?

Snap Shots at Flyers:
So Bomb Squigs (that hit automatically) don't affect Flyers?
Are you saying "regardless of BS modifiers, unless (again) the firer benefits from Skyfire or
another rule permitting regular BS specifically at flyers/fmc" overrules a Signum or a Seeker Missile?

"Reserves Starting Count – A unit and its Dedicated Transport are always counted as “1” for
purposes of your # of units that can be placed in Reserves. This applies if one of the two units
MUST start the game in reserve (i.e. Necron Night Scythe)." - This seems odd, and if not applicable to Platoons, does it risk inconsistency, since it seems based on FoC slots used?
"Passengers Disembarking Stunned/Shaken Vehicles – Units only count as Passengers, and are only affected by the rules for Passengers, when they are embarked on a vehicle; i.e., a unit
may not fire from within a vehicle that was Stunned in the previous shooting phase, but may
disembark (and thus cease to be Passengers) and fire following the normal rules." - Actually, I disagree with this one, but ok.

Regarding passengers - you can fire out the top hatch if a transport has NOT moved Flat Out, or Smoked - there is no rule preventing vice-versa sequencing.

I see Signum is answered, fair enough.

Templars - I dunno how it's worded, but the Abhor the Witch means you move towards the closest visible ENEMY, right? So...Allies?

Wolves  - Jaws - Friendly meaning Allied irrespective of quality of alliance?

"You may use both a Rune Priest’s staff and a wolf tail talisman to attempt to nullify the same
psychic power; you may use the staff, and a wolf tail talisman, and Deny the Witch." - Glad this came up, it amused the hell out of me.

DE Crucible of Malediction - Probably worth reiterating that it only hits ONE Paladin, per GW FAQ, since it only hitting the KotF/Justicar is simply RaW.

Eldar - for Fluff reasons, I'd suggest Vibro Cannons should hit Flyers, but whatever.
For rulings - what AP is a Triskele?  Note also that several weapons, Powerblades, Mirrorswords, Staff of Twilight and of course Eldrad's Funky Stick, simply ignore armour saves and are not in fact Power Weapons of any variety.

To be Continued...
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