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[NoVa FAQ] Dear Mike...Part 2 (99 Problems Continues)

I figured since I did some ad hoc socialising (not to be confused with ad hoc socialism, another of my hobbies) last night instead of returning and continuing my article on the NoVa FAQ, it was fairer to simply start afresh with a new article, since it's more difficult for people returning to know if it's been updated yet.

So, here we go:

Col. Straken - shouldn't he check at the same time as Sanguinary Priests? i.e, when it's the models' turn to strike? I suppose with a C-A bubble this doesn't really work as well...

Grav Chute Insertion - this still only applies if Hovering, right?

While you've answered the question of 'Does a guy fail to strike if the negative I modifier that caused him not to strike at baseline Initiative be removed?' - you haven't answered whether he gets an additional pile-in at Initiative 1 if his opponent is killed before this 'phase'.

The Doom Scythe Death Ray only hitting one elevation of target is irritating, but understandable. More importantly, it's consistent with your other rulings, so kudos. [Protip: Just because I don't agree with Mike here in no way diminishes my respect for him and the work he does, nor should it be misinterpreted that way. Hopefully, it won't be.]

Orks - The first line, about preventing the use of Psychic powers that are PSA when they cannot shoot - are you removing then the Power Weapon rolls on the chart? If not, what type of Power Weapon are said Orks considered to be equipped with? If I model them with green axes dripping in protoplasm like a meal that passed through Slimer, do I get +1S AP2?

While rounding fractions down for shooting 'Leaper sounds better to me (and I don't have the Codex here to see if it's Codex>BRB in this instance) it flies in the face of all other rounding in the 6e rules.

Couple of things left unanswered, though whether by accident or design, I don't know.

The biggies are :-

*the Initiative pile-ins; Can one model by accident or design pile-in multiple times (sample models affected: Logan Grimnar, Techmarines {Servo-Arm}, Servitors, Zogwort, anything that assaults a model with Whip Coils or Lash Whips, a model hit and wounded by a Power Maul at its own I step...) ;
*The top-hatch drive-shoot-drive mechanic due to careless GW wording that's almost certainly an accident, but if not openly stated to be unacceptable at NoVa, the chance of someone browbeating someone else into playing that way is too high for my liking. After all - with no GW FAQ, it could actually be the designers' intent. ;
*Killa Kans remobilising themselves and forming up to 3 squadrons of a unit purchased as one.
*Inconsistency of Nobs as characters, Paladins as characters, but Flash Gitz not?! [Not really your remit, just needed to vent that one...] ;
*Mad Dok Grotsnik. The FAQ has a question asking if there are "any restrictions" and the answer is, in short, no. To me, then, it is apparent they don't care to limit it to Ork Codex units, and Allied units may purchase them also.
*Does the Ramshackle rule apply if a vehicle is Wrecked? The wording suggests otherwise...
*Does 'Tigurius generates 3 new powers' overrule his own rule that expressly states 'Tigurius knows all the Psychic powers available to Space Marine Librarians'? (Bit silly, but someone could easily believe it.)
*Sicarius's Battle-forged Heroes doesn't say it has to be from the same Codex, merely a Tactical Squad. Stupid, but RaW.
*Is the Rod of Tigger AP3 as a Unique Weapon (being Master-Crafted) or AP4 as a Staff? [I say AP3]
*Summary Execution - Will a Commissar kill an Allied attached character? i.e, will they kill a Space Marine Captain?????
*Imperial Guard Orders - these can, by RaW, be given to Battle Brothers.
*Tactical Genius - see above.
*Like the Wind - Does this Order prevent Charging afterwards?
*Yarrick's Iron Will - if he's an Ally, no Imperial Guard turn exists.

Granted, that one may be considered trivial, like Nova Cannons granting Cover Saves to vehicles (no wounds) Bring it Down/Crack Shot not affecting Flying MCs, the timing of Yarrick's Force Field re-rolls and their interaction with Look Out Sir, Arjac's ability to reroll against models 'with the MC special rule' when this isn't a rule...whether a Land Speeder Storm's Jamming Beacon affects a friendly Teleport Homer embarked on it (RaW it does), Soul Devourer being an unlisted type of PW, Thousand Sons' "Bolt weapons" firing with AP3 possibly affecting Heavy Bolter Emplacements on Bastions - and, to prevent headaches, listing the following as AP3:

Glaive Encarmine, Talarassian Tempest Blade, Relic Blade, Sword of Secrets, Sword of Silence, Runic Weapons, Laser and Star Lances, Dire Swords, Executioners, Mournfang, Spear of Vulkan, Claw of the Desert Tigers, The Raven Sword...and probably a pile of things I didn't look at the Codexes for.

Oh, and a little postscript - apparently it isn't 100% clear that the One Eye Open rule applies to ALL units you control, not just the units from your main force org. I thought it was, don't know if that warrants a mention in your FAQ.
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