Thursday, 23 December 2010

Guest Article: Cheap and easy Sanguinary Priest Conversions!

Hey Guys, a Guest Article here, found originally on Heresy Online, by a writer named Keith.  It featured in a MDHD on 3++ apparently, but I asked him to use it before I knew that, so I don't see it as stealing...anyway, it's good enough to show again, imo.  Over to Keith!

I'm making a Blood Angels army and wanted to include several Sanguinary Priests and Sanguinary Novitiates. I didn't want to use the metal Apothecary model since I thought he would look odd standing there like a lump among all the jump-packing assault troops charging into battle. The metal Sanguinary Priest is good, but a bit expensive if you want three or four of them, same with buying the plastic Apothecary bits from the Command Squad box, they're insanely expensive. So I thought I'd play some poorhammer and make my own.

For this conversion you need just a few pretty common bits:

1. A Terminator arm (this one is from the Assault on Black Reach box, I was just going to put some extra Assault Termy arms on those guys anyway).

2. Bolter

3. Chainsword

4. The 3-missile bundle from the Tactical Squad sprue. This makes the syringe which I think is the best part.

Start chopping them up. The red lines show a rough approximation of where to cut.
Be careful with the terminator arm, it's best to cut away the hose part first so you don't break it while cutting the other areas as it's a bit fragile. Also try not to butcher the top of the hand.

You'll end up with these parts:

It will probably take some filing to make sure everything lines up nice and square when you glue is so it doesn't look wonky. Just keep dry-fitting and testing to see how it looks.

Glue it all up:

The Terminator hand was modeled to look like it was holding something and after cutting will have a big flat area on top. I covered it up by giving him a pistol to hold. A chainsword would work too, or a chalice like Corbulo, or even Green Stuff to make it look right if you have that skill. 

Finish gluing the rest of the arm to the shoulder before you put on the hose part.
As a final touch I used a vehicle crewman's head since it has fancy optics like the Apothecary model. This one is from a Land Raider, but the one from Rhino variant boxes works fine too. 


I may need to add some pouches and stuff on his belt to carry his medical supplies, but I think he looks good enough to be obvious what kind of model he represents.
Keith was also kind enough to crop the pics together as a summary, below - a MWFTW exclusive! lol

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