Monday, 24 January 2011

Quick Phoned In Update

So, have now paid for ticket to Dublin, ticket to WarpCon, and reserved accommodation. Great! Couldn't get a ticket from Dublin to Cork online though...IrishRail are cunts, it seems. Should be arriving in Cork around 6pm this Friday if all goes well! Leaving again at 12.30, which is getting me home quite late Monday...but that's cool.

My army isn't 100% painted, but its all 3 colours, and I didn't bother my arse buying new Fire Prisms, or repainting the stand out Fire Dragon who replaced the one I broke like a tosser.

Honestly, my army will probably look like shit, especially since I'm lazing about instead of painting it now...but whatever.

While obviously I'd love to win, I'm a little out of practice with Eldar...but its going to be about meeting some cool guys for a few competitively minded games, not seal-clubbing! (Basically, I don't expect to win the whole thing, and will be satisfied with having fun. Losing under 50% is the only 'hard target' I'm setting here.)

Oh, and none of my amigos seem to be going, save for Its_Pug. Thanks guys. :/ No, building a titan isn't a valid excuse for being skint. Lol. Now, to try and find the list I eventually settled on so I can make sure its all packed...
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