Monday, 29 August 2011


Got dicked.


GW, you fucked up big time, I mean, c'mon.

This is just incredibly poor writing from you.

Battle Sisters being forced to take 10+ models in a unit, and making them therefore take Rhinos as the basic Transport despite a lack of heavy weaponry to utilise the fire-point well?

Immolators paying the full non-BA amount for the Heavy Flamer turret for no discernible reason, especially since it simply isn't that good - very clearly not 25 points better than a Heavy Bolter.

Immolators again, paying 80 points to slap a TL Multi-Melta on a Transport you can't even fit your Scoring uint inside?

Immolators a third time - so Inferno Bolts are supposedly worth 25 points more than regular Heavy Bolter ammo.  Really. Dumb.

12 points a Battle Sister.  Insane.  They needed to be cheaper, not a point more.  Such a load of nonsense.
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