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Eldar Codex Project: Community Approved Troops and The Wave Serpent

Hey there,

I have been giving the stuff people have said about the troops some serious thought at the moment, and TKE and I have been discussing at great length behind the shifting curtain of the Interwebs what to improve, what to remove, what to change and how to make certain groups of people happy.

I have recently been bouncing ideas off my local forum, and my decisions have yet again made me unpopular, with my honest criticism of people's ideas dredging up endless criticisms. In particular, I was mathhammering the new Dire Avenger firing profiles and comparing to other weapons that I knew the figures of but clearly that was enough to enrage the guys on there. Nevermind, I'll just use this place for all the feedback and changes :).

With regards to Rangers and Guardians, the corrections that people recommended or mentioned have been considered such as price hikes, gun changes have been cast aside due to artistic differences, or seemlessly integrated into the unit design.

I do have to give a few hints as to what's coming though with regards to explaining some design choices:

There is a Warlock Psypower called Keening (requiring casting at the start of the Shooting phase) that renders all Shuriken weapons fired by a target unit in 6" Rending. [TKE's Note - I actually want always Rending, All the Time for Shuriken.  Width thinks that may be OP.  I point to Poison - but a lot of this also depends on wtf GW does with Gauss. Methinks Necrons will get boned, but we will have to see....] Warlocks *are* expensive and are a real underpinning element of the army - having been significantly modified from what they were originally (nowadays being more of a Psychic Wolf Guard than anything else). However, the entry here is FAR from perfect so don't go unleashing rabid, horny donkeys at me just yet.

In order to try and balance this power, Shuriken Weapon-armed things are slightly more expensive than they would be otherwise to mitigate spamming the power to slice through infantry, MCs etc. I feel that the costs of the units involved accurately reflects the increased penetrative ability bestowed on them. (I have extensively math-hammered these weapon and they come out only slightly better vs MEQ and TEQ, and if they're in cover (or have Storm Shields) almost exactly the same as they do without - it's the S3 that's the clincher.)

Similarly, new psypowers available to the Farseer render some units utterly lethal, especially when they take some upgrades now incorporated into the unit profiles. For those interested in writing a codex of some form, you'll find it is very difficult to write unit entries without forgetting that every unit must be thought of as part of a whole, not in isolation, and that people who can break something, will break something - just look at the lists people write with the SW dex - who takes anything other than Long Fangs for Heavy Support?

Some keen-eyed observers may have noticed that Guardian Jetbikers have vanished from the troops section. After some consideration, TKE and I decided that it would be best if they were normally Fast Attack but could be taken as a Troops choice on the proviso that they pick an HQ riding a jetbike - instantly unlocking Saim-Hann army builds for those that own a bucketload of jetbikers.

A Quick Rundown of Changes made based on Feedback thusfar:

Guardian Defenders:
Added in Black Guardian Options

Guardian Storm:
Added In Black Guardian Options & Changed their Weapon availability

Made them normal Sniper Rifles with Ap1 bonus on a 6 - like old times :).

Dire Avengers:

Bladestorm adds rending and 1 extra shot.
Exarch has one power - cannot buy extras.
DA catapults are Assault 2, S4 ap5 24” (Storm Bolters)


...and now a short musical break.

Now that you've been reading a fair while, let me broach another topic. The Wave Serpent.

Endlessly frustrating for melta, ordnance and pretty much everything to kill at range - Max S8, only one D6 to pen (that includes you mr Vindicare Assassin).

One caveat.

It costs silly points - when compared to a Chimmy, I wouldn't pay at least 20 points more for that slight benefit. Especially when I have to buy all the other weapons, including the base turret. However, if the base cost were to include a turret mounted weapon, I'd be happy. I mean, Valkyries are silly cost!

HeroZero on the Chatbawx made the point that a LasPlas is an amazing transport - for 75pts. Can transport a few PA dudes and has some nasty firepower. The wave serpent is 90pts but lacks any firepower, with the codex forcing you to expend X points for weaponry - not fair I say. The base cost of the serpent includes the turret weapon, but it can't hurt as much stuff as a lasplas. I figured that 70pts was a good base cost for them.

There really haven't been many other alterations, other than rendering the cost of weapon upgrades a bit cheaper than they were originally... (45pt TL bright lances made me very sad).

As for changes to vehicle upgrades.... take a read of the draft profile you might be pleasantly surprised (or horribly surprised of course):


So, what do you think of the Wave Serpent and the altered Vehicle Upgrades...?

Next time, we make a start on Elites with Fire Dragons, Howling Banshees and Striking Scorpions. :)

Love and Kisses,

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