Wednesday 13 November 2013

Selling more shit

I have started using the excellent new site to flog more of my stuff - in addition to the extraneous CSM I was already trying to shift.

Aside from the FFG WFR I already have up, I will be selling basically my entire Chaos Space Marine collection via this method - apologies for not getting back to those who previously emailed me; making the decision of what to keep or not proved difficult enough that I let other things repeatedly take precedence. Time for procrastination is (almost) over, however. Anyone who wants Death Guard and either emailed me already or does so by Friday midday here (48 1/2 hours from this typing) will get priority notification of the next batch of auctions, before I link them on the blog proper.

If any of you care, the more more money I make from these, the more I can hold onto my other armies... For now... ;-)

TKE out.

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