Saturday 22 June 2013

Totally Shameless Plug

Are you tired of your battlefields looking pedestrian? Are you embarrassed by the fact that when a vehicle leaves a nice lovely crater on the table there is no visual indication that this crater used to be the armoured chassis of a transport, infantry fighting vehicle or battle tank?  Do you feel it is immersion breaking that the craters left by the spiralling Stormravens is the exact same as that left by detonating Dreadnoughts?

Well, assistance is at hand!

For the pretty damned low price of £3.20, plus Postage and Packing, the linked ebay item can give you a delightful battlefield accessory that adds hugely to the on-table visual experience.  Add some pizazz to your battle reports, and some panache to your photographs when you sell your 'collection' on ebay yourself when 6th finally gets too much for you to justify taking up so much space with toy soldiers for a game with so few remaining redeeming features!

Advertising-spiel aside, these are solid products that certainly look really nice on the board, and particularly for if making a nice battle report unlike the absolute trash in White Dwarf nowadays that gets labelled a batrep when it is really not even a neat summary anymore.

And no, I don't make these, and am not the seller.  I just really like them.

So, giving them an advert here when tournament season is in full sway makes perfect sense to me.

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