Friday 5 July 2013

Frateris Militia Whitterings

I have been busily looking at how I would prefer to play 40k universe tabletop gaming lately, rather than the disfigured spawn of Vetock we have been left with by The Mothership.
One important thing in my likely-to-never-see-the-light-of-day 4TKE, is the desire for a holistic approach (TM Ferran Soriano) essentially meaning I am "working on" the codexes simultaneously to the main rules. By doing them together I hope to create better balance in the game. Probably all that will end up doing is overwhelming me with workload and making me give up.

In the meantime though, I will post half-formed ideas, at the very least I may inspire others, and take a place in the anals (sic) of history.

This is my preliminary attempt at Frateris Militia.

Militia 2/2/3/3/1/3/1/5/-
Hive Ganger 3/2/3/3/1/3/1/6/6+
Deacon 3/3/3/3/2/3/3/7/- 4++
Confessor 4/3/3/3/3/3/4/8/- 4++

Cost: 52 points
Unit: 9 Militia 1 Deacon

Militia; ccw, stubgun or stub pistol
Deacon; laspistol, chainsword, rosarius

Add: up to 20 Militia at 4points each
Entire unit: swap stubgun/pistol for autogun/pistol or lasgun/pistol at 1point/model; Upgrade all Militia to Hive Gangers at 2ppm; Give every model Frag Grenades at 1ppm.
Upgrade: One Militia/Hive Ganger in every 10 models can have Heavy Stubber/Flamer/Grenade Launcher @5; Heavy Bolter/Plasma Gun @10; Missile Launcher @15.
Upgrade Deacon to Confessor @20.
Swap Deacon/Confessor :
Chainsword- power weapon@15
Laspistol- bolt pistol@1; hand flamer @free; shotgun@2; plasma pistol@5; plasma gun @10.


As long as Deacon/Confessor is alive, unit has HATRED of all enemy models, and the RAGE usr.

Act of Faith (Deacon/Confessor only) 5+. The unit is Relentless this turn.

Stubgun 24" s2 ap- rapid fire
Stub pistol 12" s2 ap- pistol (2)
Yes, it fires twice.
Acts of Faith are used at the turn start, and are 1 per unit per turn. No pool of points. Rolling a 1 always fails, and cause the unit to count as already moved. Probably will edit in a +1 for the Confessor over the Deacon.
HATRED means they are Fearless in cc against the hated, and re-roll to wound.
RAGE is +2 A on the charge.

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